A few years ago, I wrote about how winter was the death of things.  I was depressed by the season.  For years, the thought of cold weather and snow has instantly put me in a bad mood. I love to be outside, and I have always felt that winter wanted to keep me in the house and ruin my fun.  Cabin fever is the worst.

Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of hanging out with friends who have a great appreciation for all the seasons.  A winter walk is now fun and refreshing, and a winter run is one of the most exhilerating things I have experienced!

It’s so exciting to be with people who share my love of nature, who need to touch trees, who come alive near water.  Even in the coldest weather, it feels good to breathe some fresh air and be in the presence of roots and branches.

While winter is about the death of things, it is also about preparing for rebirth.  I see it as a time of reflection, hibernation and restructuring. It is a time to go deep within and, if you dare, self evaluate.


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